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We are your helpful chicks, here to help you navigate through the choppy waters of creating a website and developing your on-line business.

  • Struggling to set up your first WordPress site?
  • Struggling to get traffic to your site?
  • Need help sorting your finances with Quickbooks?
  • Want to offer webinars?
  • Need Autoresponder setup
  • Not even sure what you need?!
  • Social Media scheduling? we have you covered!
  • And much more, check our services page!

Meet Angela

Kathy and I met through a training program and soon became fast friends. We share a love of learning and helping.

When I started my training, I knew nothing about web design or Word Press but I had a passion to learn and start my own blog.

Now, not only do I run a few websites of my own, I also support and maintain websites for local businesses.

I love discovering new ways to accomplish my goals on my websites and sharing that knowledge with others. My approach to teaching is simplistic and easy for anyone to follow, even if you have never seen a dashboard (except maybe in your car!).

Some interesting facts about me:

  • I was born in Marengo, IA in 1972.
  • I have moved 22 times in 42 years.
  • I have been to 26 of our 50 states.
  • I am a stellar researcher. If it’s online, I will find it.
  • I am very practical and pragmatic. I can handle anything life throws at me.
  • I worked in Corrections for ten years, all maximum security male prisons.
  • I love caramel, especially in ice cream or chocolate.
  • I’m an expert packer (see 2nd item above).
  • I love to organize. Give me lots of shelves, drawers and cubbies.
  • I love working on websites!

You can read Angela’s full story here. 

Christopher Sarah Kathy
Christopher John Payne, Sarah Staar and Kathy

Meet Kathy

I met Angela through an on-line marketing program. We soon discovered we have a lot in common, not least of which is our enthusiasm for helping people achieve their goals.

My love of computing comes from my Dad, and my first computer was an Amstrad (no colour screen). I moved onto an Acorn with the RISK OS and from there to Windows based pcs.

This was the time discovered I had a knack for navigating around new software and diagnosing problems, so decided to develop these skills by going to college.

I aced the course in Computing/technical support and I’ve been working with hardware and software problems ever since!

I started my online business out necessity after my husband died and wish I’d done it years ago. There’s nothing like choosing your own hours and being able to travel and still work, my laptop comes everywhere with me!

A few random facts about me.

  • I was born in Chepstow, England in 1956.
  • I have eclectic tastes in music.
  • I have 2 sisters, I’m the middle one.
  • I married in 1978 and am now widowed.
  • I have 4 grown up kids.
  • My home is in Angus Scotland which I share with my 3 dogs.
  • I have a passion for sewing machines and own a few.
  • Hobbies as well as sewing are knitting (and all things crafty), reading, swimming, gardening, baking/cooking and walking my dogs.
  • I hate ironing!
  • My coffee has to be strong and black, and of good quality, Old Brown Java is my favourite.

So if you’re struggling with your online business, let us help. Sign up for our tips and tricks emails, don’t worry, we won’t bombard you and you’ll get a nice free gift!

Meet Kristy

Kristy Kristy has over 20 years experience balancing multi-million budgets using Microsoft Excel. For the past three years her focus has been on creating WordPress websites and learning about social media marketing.

Kristy has recently gained herHootsuite Certification in Social Media Marketing. Well done Kristy!

She likes to express her creative side by crafting logos and social media posts in Adope Photoshop Elements. Kristy has also had experience in purchasing, logistic and human resources.

When she’s not working she enjoys spending time with her two dogs, Daisy and Roscoe and trying out new recipes.











Meet Kathy (there are 2 of us!)

Kathy2Kathy has been in the finance sector for many years and a welcome addition to our team. She is our spreadsheet and QuickBooks expert!

Bio coming soon…..

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