social media tipsSocial media site is an exceptionally effective marketing tool that can help in targeting a huge variety of people. It requires minimal financial investment in regards to time, money and effort.

While social media sites may be powerful, it’s only going to be just as good as the marketing strategy you have in place. Initially, it takes a bit of effort to get set up and develop yourself as a reputable authority in your chosen niche.

Initially, it takes a bit of effort to get set up and develop yourself as a reputable authority in your chosen niche.

Here are 10 ways to create your integrity on social networks.

10 Ways to Create Your Integrity On Social Networks

Create a Blog/Website

Then load it with well-researched, extensive as well as useful articles and  share them on social networks. This is material advertising, marketing 101 and among the best methods to develop your authority.

If you can’t write, hire somebody to do it for you.

Develop Followers

If you have a social media account with 14 fans, you will have a tough time persuading people to listen to what you have to say.

It shouldn’t always matter but it does. People see this as an indication of your authority so get to work growing that number.

Be Personal

People prefer to know that there’s a real human being behind a social media account which can help to develop trustworthiness.

Every now and then publishing an individual photo or a family snippet will help to build that connection with your fans.

Yet Not too Personal

That said, an inebriated rhetoric or a Tweet concerning your commode practices is likely to send your followers running!

You might think it’s amusing, but your business account is not the location for that type of material.


Your social media web pages should have solid branding that makes use of pictures and well-created info. Make certain that everything states ‘quality’.


Does it matter? Does a misspelling mean that your interesting fact isn’t real? It shouldn’t do but, to a big portion of your target market, it does.

Something I find extremely irritating is mixing up “there” and “their”. People are more likely to trust someone who spells correctly!

Post on a regular basis

If you go days, weeks or months at a time without uploading then your social networks will resemble a ghost town which suggests it’s not a professional account.


Networking is a great way of attracting more authority on a topic. If you can get a recommendation from another popular social media account then this will help your credibility.

Take part

Social media sites give you an opportunity to respond to questions as well as demonstrate that you know your stuff. Consider it as a way to ‘promote’ your competence and knowledge. In some ways, this part is similar to forum marketing.

Supply Top quality

Make sure that your posts are interesting/entertaining and that you are consistently providing top quality material that your followers will want to read and check out.

Most of the above is common sense, but it’s easy to lose focus when you’re using social networks for business. Social networks provide an ideal opportunity to reach a large audience so make sure you get it right!

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