I’m an early riser, most days I am up by 5 AM. This morning was no different.

A couple hours into my day, I checked the thermometer we have by the front door. I could NOT believe it was reading 6 degrees (that’s -14 C for our non-US readers!)

I’ve been saying for a long time that I want to find somewhere to live where it stays around 70 all year long. If you know of anywhere like that, please do let me know!

During my coffee cup contemplation this morning, I was going through my emails and thinking about how we can improve our own.

I was reading some of those emails but many I was just deleting and asking myself why I don’t just unsubscribe. Which got me thinking about whether any of our readers do the same.

So I asked myself why I was deleting the ones I did. The answer is pretty simple. I deleted those emails without reading because 9 times out of 10 those emails offer nothing of value or interest.

2017 was kind of a crazy year for us. A lot of things happened rather quickly and before you know it, we realized we had gotten away from being as active in our own business.

I attended a few events last year, we gained A LOT new clients, and there were many changes in our personal lives.

We also learned a lot. I think one of the biggest lessons we learned was in spending. There are a lot of cool gizmos and gadgets and programs out there. We tried many and ended up canceling most of them.

This year, we would like to get back to basics. We started That Helpful Chick because we want to help people – just as it says on the tin! 😉

Another result of my contemplation this morning was a realization. I realized that we made an offer at the end of the month – end of the year even – which is a time when many people are low on funds.

You’ve just gotten through Christmas, maybe you took a vacation or splurged on presents to make your kids or grand kids happy.

Since our goal is to help – we’re going to extend our offer. The first NO B.S. Techy Mastermind is scheduled on Tuesday, January 23, 2018. We are extending registration through Monday, January 22, 2018.


Recap of the offer:

Starting in January, we will be running a new 6 week program. This will allow us to help anyone who joins, have an opportunity for you to NOT only learn how to do some basic website changes BUT, also provide on-going learning and support for members.

We have two ways you can learn from us.

1 – Join our 6 week program, called NO-B.S. Techy Mastermind.

2 – Join our monthly membership, called NO-B.S.

Click the links above to learn more about each program. We look forward to working with everyone and helping you to get past those techy stumbling blocks!

We’re extending registration for the NO-B.S. Techy Mastermind to January 22, 2018!


We will also begin offering VIP and VIP Half Days this year. If you’re stuck on a tech issue or can’t decide on what tech to use – this would be a perfect opportunity for you to pick our brains for a few hours and get over that hump.

More details on VIP coming real soon!

Thanks so much!

Useful Tools

Green Geeks – Excellent for hosting.
Active Campaign – Our recommended autoresponder
Namecheap – For buying a domain name
Udimi – Safe place to buy solo ads


Angela and Kathy

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