Yes, it’s true, I started writing this in the car park outside my local shopping centre…

Debenhams has a sale on and I went to check out the suitcases, with all the travelling I’m doing I thought I should get a sturdier set of luggage.

I had my granddaughter with me, she climbed in the front of the car, grabbed the 4 wheel drive switch and managed to get it stuck in 4 wheel drive!

4 wheel driveNow, this is my 1st 4 wheel drive, I had no idea how to disengage the darn thing so resorted to everybody’s friend, Google, (thank god for 4G)…

“Drive it back and forward” is the advice given in all the forums. Nope, no joy, still stuck and 2 babies starting to get fractious.



LillyThe 8 week old was consoled with a gentle shoogle (Scottish for shake), Lilly, who got us into this mess in the first place had to make do with Peppa Pig video on the mobile.

Butter wouldn’t melt, but I felt like throttling her!

Eventually, I called my mechanic friend, “drive it back and forward” he says…been there done that…

“You’re not doing it right” he says and then proceeds to explain HOW to drive it back and forward to disengage the 4 wheel drive!

Ok, that did the trick, we’re good to go again!


Yes, more than 1 lesson.
1. Don’t let children fiddle with the switches and levers on your car.
2. Don’t give up, the solution will turn up if you keep trying. ;

3. Instructions need to be clear “drive back and forward” is open to different interpretations.

CLEAR INSTRUCTIONS… very important and one of the reasons why we take great pains to make sure our training is step by step with clear instructions!

This is why, if you’ve already subscribed to any of our courses we’d love feedback.

If there’s anything you thing can be improved on, or you’d like to see extra training modules in specific subjects, please let us know. 🙂


Vince Lombardi said,“Winners never quit and quitters never win!”


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