Bad postureI certainly haven’t been sitting comfortably!

As Internet marketers, we spend a long time sitting at our desks and I’ve used a variety of chairs, mostly second hand (it’s that Scottish thrift again!)

This is just asking for backache and a sore backside isn’t it?!

I discovered the hard way, it’s important to invest in a good chair….

So, will it be Amazon, Ebay or a local store?

Local stores = WAY to expensive and I didn’t find anything comfortable or of good quality.

I decided on Ebay, they had the best deals with good customer feedback.

I bit the bullet and went for the super duper, heating massaging chair.

The chair I chose arrived in bits, it had to be assembled, hmmm not my strong point! Time to get my son involved…








Finally, we/he gets the chair assembled and WOW, what a difference, and it didn’t cost a fortune. Time will tell whether it stands up to the rigors of heavy use (my son has decided he likes it too)..

The massage feature is great and on a cold Scottish day, I heat the chair up for extra warmth!

So, what kind of chair do you have, any ergonomic tips to share?

Angela and I have been putting together some top tips so I’ll add any of your suggestions to the list.

Productivity is much better when we’re comfortable!


Francis Bacon said,
“A healthy body is the guest-chamber of the soul; a sick, its prison.”


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