Last week I found myself needing to order a new DVD player. I was using an old laptop of mine which I had connected to our TV. However, this old laptop has finally decided it won’t hold a charge and won’t stay on even though it is plugged in. (It’s an old HP 2000 laptop.)

So I went to Amazon (of course!) and began looking through the options and reading reviews.

In looking at my options, I found DVD players do a lot more than they used to! lol

I thought I might as well go for it and get one I can use to stream as well.

I decided on the LG Electronics BP255 Blu-Ray Player (2015 Model) which had good reviews but didn’t have an astronomical price tag.


Above is how it looked on Amazon.


Here it is out of the box. So far – so good!

I plugged it and then found I had nothing to connect it to the TV. Who does that?!

Guess I should have read the fine print!

On the box it does say plainly I need to purchase an ethernet cable.  


But it doesn’t even say that there is no HDMI cable NOT included. So there’s two more orders I placed on Amazon. lol


As soon as they come in the mail today, I will have it finally ready to go!

As with most things in life – there is a lesson to be learned here.

Be 100% Transparent


Often times companies leave out key information which allows the consumer to make an informed decision.

I don’t know about you, but when this happens to me it, leaves a bad taste in my mouth. I lose confidence and trust in the company.

Don’t be subversive and sneaky in your sales copy!


You might be tempted to tell half truths in order to make an immediate sale. But what is more important is the long term relationship.

Most consumers – myself included – have long memories. We remember our good experiences BUT those bad experiences are etched in our memories even more.

And what’s more – we tend to relate those BAD experiences MORE than the good ones.

Word of mouth is huge – even in the online world.

Most of my clients have come to me via word of mouth.

In The Pipeline
As Kathy mentioned in our last newsletter, we have been working on an exciting Adsense case study which we’ll share with you when it’s complete. There’s still money to be made with Adsense if you do it properly and in such a way that any Google updates won’t affect your earnings.

I have started putting the content together so look out for an announcement soon!

We’re also working on a social media blueprint. There aren’t many successful businesses that don’t use social media these days. There are so many different social platforms, it’s taking us a while to get to completion!

We’ve decided to add this as a bonus for our upcoming Adsense course!

The Right Training

We can’t emphasize enough how important it is to get into a good program for training. You can get a lot of good information for free, but, having a structured course to follow makes things so much easier, and in the long run, faster.

Wealthy Affiliate and Sarah Staar are a great complement for each other, and why we’re members of both.

Everything I have learned (and still am learning!), in both of these programs, has allowed me to travel to new places. I took a two month holiday in the UK this past summer!


Beverly Sills said,

“There are no shortcuts to any place worth going.”


Angela and Kathy


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