An online business, I would say it’s essential to have a decent internet connection, don’t you think?

I live in rural Scotland, am promised speeds of up to 5 MB (believe me, this is fast for my area!). Rarely does BT (British Telecom) live up to this, most days I’m lucky to get 1MB…..

So, last week the connection went completely, nothing, zilch, work ground to a halt. BT were of no earthly use

“yes madam, we’ll endeavour to fix it within 24 hrs”

rural Angus, ScotlandI’m sure you’ve all heard this story from customer services before, mostly they tell lies!

24 hrs later, still no connection, I had to take action..

I grabbed my IPad (which has 4G connection), laptop, bottle of water, jumped in the car and went looking for a cellular phone mast.

Eventually, I found one, parked at the side of the road, connected my IPad to my laptop and HEY PRESTO, I was back online!

It wasn’t the worst place to sit and work, but is definitely not a long term solution.




There’s the issue of keeping devices charged for a start…and what if I need to visit the bathroom?!

I told my troubles to Sarah Staar (a top Internet Marketer) and she suggested using satellite. She uses it in her rural properties and says it’s great!

BTW, if you haven’t already got her latest product, CLICK HERE NOW, there are some AWESOME tools!

I checked it all out and discovered the prices weren’t that much more expensive than using BT. I don’t need a phone line, but have to pay for it to get DSL broadband (no fibre optics here).

I’m now waiting for it to be installed, I’ll let you know how it goes…..

Oh, and BT have been cancelled……………

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