6 Ways To Come Up With Post IdeasAll of us encounter blog writers block periodically, but don’t allow it stop you from writing the content your readers are waiting for!

Once you have a good following of readers you don’t want to be leaving long gaps between posts, you’ll soon lose your readership.

Below are 6 ways to come up with post concepts when you’re facing writers block and help you come up with an article worth reading.


6 Ways To Come Up With Post Concepts When You’re Facing Blog writers Block

1) Use Your Daily Life As Motivation

You might not be creating a personal blog site, however that doesn’t suggest you can’t bring individual experience right into the posts you create. If you can associate individual experience to the topics you write about, then do so. Often you need to get creative, but your blog posts will certainly be more fascinating because of this!

google-search2) Google It!

Don’t copy blogs but have a good look around blogs in your niche. See what they’re writing about, I guarantee you’ll come up with some fresh ideas this way. Even looking at blogs outside your niche can help with post concepts.

3) Examine Your Analytics

Checking your stats can leave you with lots of post suggestions. Have a look at the key words folks are using when they find your site. Possibilities are that some of the things they’re looking for typically aren’t on your blog.

Why not use these keyword phrases as suggestions for future blog posts? You’ll also have actually the added benefit of recognizing there’s a future viewer for those articles!

4) Test Something And also Post Your Results

If you’re really stuck for concepts, why not give yourself a difficult task then upload the results? For example, you could do this in the property development niche.

youtube film5) Make use of Videos

Why not get surfing YouTube and see if there are video clips for your subscribers? Embed the video right into a post where you provide your  own personal take on the video. This is a super-fast means to come up with material that’s still interesting.

6) Invite Readers To Ask Questions

This is a great method for delivering what your readers actually want to see! Write a quick post asking exactly what they want to know, then, publish a follow up a couple of days later with all the solutions. This last technique is also an excellent method of really connecting with your readers.

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