How To Sell Affiliate Products

How to sell affiliate products“How To Sell Affiliate Products” is another FREE offer from Sarah Staar, a 5 part video course revealing how to get instant traffic to any affiliate offer and be making sales within a   short space of time.

Video 1 covers Niche Research and takes you through the what Sarah considers to be most effective way to do this. Once you narrowed down your niche you move onto…

Video 2, Finding Products to promote is what it says on the tin, where do you find products to promote? Sarah explains this in a simple way that anyone can understand, she doesn’t use “geek” speak!

Video 3, covers Free Traffic,  from forums to Facebook Sarah covers the most effective way to get free traffic. She also explains how and why she doesn’t rely on Goole for her own traffic.

Video 4, is an introduction to using Facebook Ads and how to spend your budget wisely.

Video 5, explains how to use Facebook PPC  (pay per click), how to set your budget and again, how to use your budget wisely.

You’ve got nothing to lose so go get your FREE video course now!



wp xray

WP XRAY from Sarah Staar  is a very nifty tool and as the description says, you can spy on your competitors and see what they’re doing.

“INSTANTLY Reverse Engineer Any WordPress Website. Discover Which WordPress Plug-ins & Themes A Website Is Using
and a whole lot more…”

Not only can you see what themes are being used, you can also find out if the company has other websites.

The only downside I can see is it can only be used for sites using the WordPress platform.

Sarah gives a step by step explanation on exactly what you can do with this FREE plugin.

WP XRAY from Sarah Staar, get it here it’s FREE!

5 Reasons For Starting An Online Business

success online businessWondering if you should be starting your own  Internet based business? Got a limited budet? If you want to develop a new business, consider these 5 reasons for starting an online business:

1. It Doesn’t Take a Lot Of Money to Get Started

You can develop a good Internet presence for hardly any money, as month-to-month management costs can be very small. Of course this depends on things like the hosting plan you choose, paid themes etc. You can actually get started for a couple of hundred dollars, sometimes less in many cases. Not a lot for business start up costs when you consider what it’s cost to start a bricks and mortar business.

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Backing Up Your Website

site error messageBacking up your website is one of the most important things to do! You’ve built your site, added pages and posts, set everything up and invested a lot of time and effort. Suddenly you’re getting the dreaded, “site can’t be found”. YIKES.

You already know the importance of backing up your hard drive in case your computer breaks. I know a few people who’ve lost vital work and precious photos by not performing what is really a simple procedure. The same applies to websites, they can and do crash. I’ve no doubt you’ll have seen news headlines about high-profile websites “going down”.

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What is a Keyword?

keyword-researchKeywords are part of an informative word used in an information retrieval system to indicate the content of a document. It’s the word or phrase that someone using a search engine types in to find your website.

For example, you want to find out more information about a kitchen blender you fancy buying. Most people use Google (there are other search engines) so in the Google search box you’ll type something like “Nutriblender review” or “best kitchen blender”.  Those 2 phrases are keywords and you’ll find many websites listed in your search results.

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