Website Security Costs

website security costsWebsite security costs can hit more than just your pocket. A random hacker can cause you hours of tedious work in your backend or send you to a pro because your site has crashed. I will show you some website security tools and how to check website security. A few simple steps can save you a heap of trouble down the line.

Security is not about perfect security – there is no such thing, but you can reduce risk. Here are a few ways you can help your WordPress site be more secure.

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How To Check For Broken Links

how to check for broken linksOne important factor in maintaining your website is knowing how to check for broken links. The more internal and external links you have on your site, the more often you should check and it should be part of your website maintenance routine.

What is a Broken Link

A broken links means that links on your web page lead to a non-existent page, website, or an image. Visitors to your site will normally see the dreaded 404 error page when they click on a link that is broken.  Broken links can be internal (within your website) or external (to another website).

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How To Block Your IP Address from Google Analytics

In a previous tutorial we showed you how to install and set up Google Analytics. Now we’re going to explain how to block your IP address from Google Analytics.

First though, I’ll explain what this means. When you set up GA, it starts to track the number of visitors to your site, including your own. Now, if you think about the amount of times you check your own site, when adding and reviewing posts etc, this can give  inaccurate details about the amount of real visitors.

There is an easy solution to this and we’ll walk you through the steps here with a video below.

Adding a Filter in Google Analytics

Firstly, type into Google search, “what is my ip address”. The first item will be a few numbers with “Your public IP address” written underneath. Leave this window open.

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Cloaking An Affiliate Link

Cloaking an affiliate linkOnce you get to the stage of adding affiliate links to your website, cloaking an affiliate link is an important part of  setting these up. You might have noticed that affiliate links are pretty ugly looking. For example:


Not very good looking is it!

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What is Breadcrumb Navigation

breadcrumbs on plate“Breadcrumb” is such a strange word to find in this building a website business and I had no idea what it was when I started. Breadcrumbs to me were something you coated fish with, or fed to the ducks! So what is breadcrumb navigation and do we need it?

Breadcrumb Navigation

(Note: There are different types of breadcrumb trails, but I’m talking about path-based breadcrumb links in this article.)

On your website, this is called a breadcrumb trail, taken from the story of Hansel and Gretel where they leave a trail of breadcrumbs to help them navigate back home through the forest. It’s a navigation tool that allows a user to see where the current page is in relation to the rest of the website.

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