Content Marketing Strategy: Not a Challenge Anymore

The Success of your Business is at stake without a Content Marketing Strategy

According to the recent research, of Marketing Institute (CMI) and MarketingProfs, 63% of businesses do not possess a content marketing strategy as they find it challenging to design one. Little did they know that content is everywhere. It might seem unfeasible to stand out in a never-ending ocean of information, but an efficacious content marketing strategy can make your brand reach the correct audience and rise rapidly. 

After creating your company’s website, it is high time to design a content strategy or to update the already existing one. It is never too late to strategize your content and make it more effective. 

How to Design a Content Strategy?

This guide will help you in developing and executing a content marketing plan and, for that, we will divide the method of designing a content strategy into six simple steps. It will be fruitful to skim through these steps, before generating any content, as they assist you in spending your money and time wisely on the right material. The steps are mentioned as under:

  1. Decide Your Mission and Goals
  2. Research  Your Audience
  3. Analyze Your Current Position and Competitor
  4. Find the Best Content Channels
  5. Create a Content Calendar
  6. Consider the Results

Decide Your Mission and Goals

To begin your content strategy process with settling of goals could be a good starting point. This brief word makes it simple for you to focus on what is important, rather than what is not. This will also help you to keep your content marketing strategy on track. Your mission also determines your targeted audience, and the type of content you want them to reach.

Each step of this strategy will assist you in achieving your goal and, therefore, your goal has to be specific, appropriate, and achievable. A distinct purpose should be affiliated to each part of the content that you share. 

A level of flexibility should also be connected to your goals because, in the future, you might find that your end goal changes. For example, when you have started a brand all you are focusing on is to increase brand awareness, when it starts getting better, your focus changes to generating more customers or leads. In that case, your goals should always guide your decisions as the business progresses.

Research Your Audience

After your goal determination process, the next step is to undergo good research on your audience. This research will help you in achieving the answers to your questions including whom do you want to reach with your content? What are the interests of your targeted audience? Or, where does your audience go to find 411? etc. With the help of these answers, you can build a buyer persona and can also  attract more clients

Google Analytics is also another powerful tool for that purpose, it will help in letting you know about the interests of your audience. If you don’t have Google Analytics, you can still know about your audience through different surveys, social media like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc. 

Analyze Your Current Position and Competitor

The next step is to analyze your current position in the market and look for your competitors  and what kind of content they are producing, etc. If that competitor has a high rank on search engines, then probe on what keywords they are using from which they are generating their traffic.

For more research, you can also be looking at their customer reviews and the testimonials mentioned on their website. Whereas you should pay close attention to the points that your competitor is lacking in and make those points strong for your website, you should remember that they might be good at producing content however but might not be active on social media.

Paying attention to strengths and weaknesses can create opportunities to design your way into the market through a feasible content marketing strategy.

Find the Best Content Channels

The next step is to prioritize which channel you want to focus on. In the beginning, do not overburden yourself by trying to excel in them all. You want to ace in blogging as well as on Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn. 

Prioritizing will save you time and it will also help  keep your attention intact. By working on one or two platforms, the results will be visible at rapid speed. Keeping your budget in mind decides the channels you want to use for marketing. Later on, with achieving success in these selected platforms you can move onto the next one.

Create a Content Calendar

To put your strategy into action, and after selecting the platforms you want to pay attention to, sit down and create a content calendar. You can do this with any efficient member of your company, primarily someone who also has something at stake in the company.

You can plan content related to important events like launch parties, special holidays, etc. This calendar will be highly  recommended for small companies when they have to post on different channels and this calendar will manage their content. Apart from that, it will help you to stay consistent and focused in terms of  content. 

Later on, this sequence, which has been developed over time, will be notified by your audience and they will start expecting content from your business. That’s how you’ll be able to make your permanent clients.

Consider the Results

The last step is to analyze the performance of your content through web analytics. Identify the areas where there is a need for improvement, take a deep look into your targeted audience, and decide if you need to re-examine your goals, etc.

This analysis can be done through the metrics like the number of clicks on the page, time, how many people stayed, and how many people have interacted with your website content, etc.

Furthermore, social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn have integrated analytics associated with them, which shows your reach, and engagement level through likes, comments, saves, and shares. After monitoring your progress, you can create a new content strategy or make amendments to  the existing ones, eventually, all these results will help you grow.

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