EasyAzon 4.0 Review: Best Amazon Plugin For WordPressIf you have a website and are an affiliate of Amazon then I’ve no doubt you’ll have seen tons of plugins and offers claiming to increase your affiliate earnings, yes? If so, then this EasyAzon 4
review is for you!

What is EazyAzon?

Simply, EasyAzon 4 is a WordPress plugin that makes it a lost easier to run an Amazon Affiliate website. You can create links from within the WordPress editor without having to go to Amazon’s site at all. Affiliate links can be created for any Amazon product without having to switch back and forward from Amazon to your site.

It was co-designed by the well-known Amazon affiliate star, Chris Guthrie from Upfuel.com, there’s isn’t much he doesn’t know about running a successful Amazon affiliate site!

EasyAzon is more than just an Amazon link creator though, you can:

  • EasyAzon popupEasily set links to open in a new window when clicked – Useful when you want visitors to keep your site open.
  • Apply a no follow attribute cloaking for SEO purposes.
  • Display a product pop up – This is a nifty feature where you can add a link, when the mouse hovers over the link, a clickable product information box pops up.
  • Prompt a user to add an item to their shopping cart – If you’re an Amazon affiliate then you probably already know about the measly 24hr cookie. With EazyAzon, when you prompt a user to add an item to their cart, this increases to 90 days.
  • Automatically localize affiliate links – If you live in the UK and click on a US affiliate link, the built-in automatic link localizer that will take your visitor to the UK website. It’s free to join all the Amazon affiliate programs for other countries and is a great commission booster!
  • Produce multiple link styles – there are info boxes, various call to action buttons, text links and image links.
  • Step by Step Tutorials – the support is good with easy to follow instructions on setting up and using EasyAzon.
  • Free Amazon Affiliate Course. This course will give you an outline of everything that’s needed to set up and promote an Amazon affiliate WordPress website.
  • Money back guarantee –  If you buy the pro version this is a no questions asked refund guarantee.

There is a free version and a paid, You have to upgrade to pro to access all the features, but the free version is still useful.

To install the free version is the same as installing any other WordPress plugin, instructions here. When you upgrade to EazyAzon 4 Pro, you’ll receive easy to follow instructions.

Once installed you’ll set the global settings:

EasyAzon4 settings

All the instructions can be accessed from within WordPress itself. Any problems and you can contact support, questions are answered quickly. I had a problem using the plugin with the Chrome Browser. A response was less than 2 hrs and the solution solved the problem (I had an ad blocker!)

Best Amazon Plugin For WordPress?

In a word, yes! For me, the biggest advantage is the add to basket with the link localizer coming a close second.

I have a niche site I was struggling with before purchasing the pro version of the Eazy Azon plugin. Sales have increased dramatically and 70% of sales are made, through the “add to cart” link. Many of the sales are nothing to do with my niche, that’s what a 90-day cookie does for you! It’s still early days for this site so I’ll update this post later.

For Multi Site Use Rights (use on unlimited personal websites) and the bonus  “The Ultimate Amazon Affiliate Course” you pay just £47. For the developers license, it’s $67.

There has been a bit of talk on the grapevine of a price increase so you’d better grab it now!





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