Expel The Duplicate Content Myth Associated With PLR MaterialsIt’s time to expel the duplicate content myth associated with PLR materials once and for all

If there’s something that frightens a web marketer more than anything else, it’s probably going to be the worry of having all their sites delisted due to the fact that it has duplicate content.

So, what if I stated you had a better possibility of being ‘eaten by a shark’ then you would of being picked up for violating this policy set out by Google and the other search engines!

Once And For All, removing The Myth

So when in the past has a site been delisted directly as a result of making use of PLR material? This is rarely I can tell you! In truth I have not met a single online marketer who uses PLR content that has been “penalised” for breaking the duplicate content guideline.

What does this mean? It means that whatever you’ve been told, the connection between PLR material and the duplicate content guideline is for want of another word completely ‘bogus’.

Of course, the purists out there will disagree with me, but lets face it, everyone gets their information from somewhere and then rewrites it in their own words. All those reviews you read, all those news stories, all those self help articles, they’re mostly all rewritten whether from PLR content or not.

We all understand that when you acquire PLR content, the possibility is that you’re going to need to share it with a variety of online marketers. This in affect has been a significant deterrent from acquiring such content, although the fact is, it’s totally safe.

So What Is The Duplicate Content Rule?

The duplicate content rule affects those who copy a site, word for word, in addition to simulating the precise design and design of the other website in question. If you do this, well of course they’re going to delist you! You might as well download somebody else’s site and re-upload it to your very own server under another domain!

Utilizing PLR content however on a completely unique looking site, won’t upset the online search engine at all and why should it? Sure you might have some content on your site that is the same elsewhere, but you may also have some other special content that will benefit the visitors to your website.

Rewriting PLR Content

I bet I know exactly what you’re thinking. Your thinking “why has this person been informing us this entire time that PLR material is totally safe and is now going to discuss rewriting!” Well the truth is, there are more advantages to writing unique content than there is for using content copied straight from a PLR article.

Would the search engines be more likely to rank a page with unique content rather then a page that has the same material found elsewhere? Well when we said rewrite that only implies rewriting some of the PLR material you have. And to be honest, it is better for readers to find articles on your site that they won’t find anywhere else.

Doing a rewrite ensures your pages are going to be seen by the search engines as being unique material. This will more than likely increase the rankings of the posts more than those posts copied word for word.

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Partially copied and rewritten with consent from: http://plrplr.com/29276/expelling-the-duplicate-content-myth-associated-with-plr-content/

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