Wondering how to create a clickable map? Have you searched online and gotten lost in all the search results? Let me save you some time, effort and money. There are many sites showing how to make a clickable map.

Why Do I Need A Clickable Map?

As a member of Wealthy Affiliate, I get an opportunity to help other members. A few days ago, the question came up if there were any plugins to create a clickable map. I had not heard of one but it got me to thinking how cool that would be.

So I began searching and found a few sites where a clickable map could be created. I wrote a blog on Wealthy Affiliate about Pat Flynn’s map (see #1 below). Unfortunately, Pat’s site did not include a map of Ireland which was needed for a young man’s travel site.

I went back to searching and found Make a Clickable map (see #2 below). Now this member has been able to create a clickable map for his website featuring interesting sites in Ireland.

There are many niches in which might benefit from a clickable map. Here are a few ways you can utilize a clickable map:

  • Offering documents that are state specific, such as advanced directives, living wills, etc
  • To show multiple business locations
  • Provide links to events in different locations
  • For travel – links for rental car services, hotels, and restaurants in various locations
  • Provide links to legal services in different areas.

I have taken a look at a few and will go over my top two choices to show you how to create a clickable map.


Created by Pat Flynn of Smart Passive Income.

Pat created an easy to use map where you can add links to each individual state and/or country. Simply click on each state or province, create a title for the information and input the link. Once you are finished adding your links, just click on generate map script and place on your website.

This map is free but if you want the ability to save it so you can come back later and modify, you will be charged $10. Hopefully, Pat will expand on his list of countries offered. As of now, there are some gaps in that area.


This site is just as easy to use as Pat’s and offers a free download of your map with the option to save for future editing for a small fee. You have a few more country options available here and coming soon are US state maps with the ability to break down into counties and cities.

Clickable maps of the US are offered to save free of charge. They also offer custom maps. Just fill out the contact form and you will be given pricing information.

I don’t know about you, but I prefer free. Create a clickable map and Make a clickable map make it super simple for you.

How to Create a Clickable Map

There are just a few steps. I will use Pat’s Create a Clickable Map to show you the steps.


Before you begin adding links to your map, you are able to change a few settings. Not only can you change size and font but also there are many color options to make your map stand out. In the last column, there are small question marks you can hover over for more instructions.



After you change your setting you can move on to the actual map. Click on each state to add a link, change link color, and select a title to display as the link. Once you are done adding all your links, click on the save + generate button at the bottom to get your html code.

Placing the map on your site is very similar to adding an affiliate code to you website. You click on the text tab in your page/post editor and then paste the html code where you want it to display. If you need a reminder on how to do this, click here for the article on adding affiliate links.

Do you have any experience with clickable maps? Have any other map generators you would like to recommend?

We’d love to hear from you in the comments below.

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