Overcoming fear in 3 simple steps, a simple formula to get you moving in your online business. And I mean, it really is simple, no courses, books etc are needed.

Overcoming Fear in 3 Simple StepsYou know, when I first started in Internet marketing pretty much everything scared me. Not the building a website part, I already had experience with that, but pretty much everything else.

List building in particular really had me stumped, (Don’t worry if you don’t know what this is yet, it’ll be getting covered in due course!)
It really was like learning a new language, SEO, XML, list building, analytics, PPC, driving traffic, the list is endless!
I got to thinking about what other people are/were scared of when they started their journey so decided to ask the question. I asked 100s of people within the groups that I’m part of and there was only one person who said there was nothing.
Here are some of the things people are frightened in their online business:
  • Writing content and letting others read it.
  • English wasn’t their first language.
  • Who on earth would be interested in reading their stuff!
  • Failing to make money.
There was more, but you get the drift, it all boils down to fear of failure.
So how did I, and they, conquer the fears, write and publish content, get to grips with all the different elements involved in having an online business?

Overcoming Fear in 3 Simple Steps

You’ve probably heard the phrase and of the book by Susan Jeffers. Well for me, mostly, it really was a case of feeling the fear and doing it anyway. These are the 3 simple steps I take with anything that scares me:
  1. Choose one subject,
  2. Read, research and learn
  3. The biggie, TAKE ACTION.

Taking action on something you’ve been afraid to do is liberating! Most people give up because they haven’t taken action, action = results.

Even if the results aren’t what you want or expect, you learn from that, refine, then take a different action.

The most important lesson I’ve learned and want to pass onto you is:

Yes, it’s highlighted in red and great big letters because it’s SO important.
You can make choices based on what you’ve learned, whether that’s to continue doing something, or stop doing something. That isn’t failure, that’s making a choice.
Failure is a comparison word, you’re measuring your results against someone else’s results.
This was hugely liberating for me and if you can get your head around this concept it will be for you too. Don’t listen to the “naysayers”, or compare your progress to anyone else’s.
If you don’t like the result of an action you’ve taken, learn, change it and remove the word “failure” from your vocabulary.
That’s it, now go and feel the fear and do it anyway!


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