Who Is Sarah Staar

Do you watch videos and listen to podcasts by top Internet marketers and wonder what they’re really like? Are they as sincere as they make out and will they let you into their secrets?

And the BIG QUESTION…..Can I make money if I do what they say!

tower bridge londonI had the chance to find out recently when I was asked to participate in Sarah Staar’s recent London workshop.

It was held at Tower Hill in London beside the famous Tower Bridge, a fabulous location! The event rooms in the hotel actually overlooked the bridge and we saw the bridge in action doing what it’s been doing for the last 130 years.

However, this isn’t a history lesson!

The event was held over 3 days and I was part of Sarah’s team, helping in the background. I’d never met Sarah before so was quite nervous meeting this famous Internet marketer!


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EasyAzon 4 Review: Best Amazon Plugin For WordPress

EasyAzon 4.0 Review: Best Amazon Plugin For WordPressIf you have a website and are an affiliate of Amazon then I’ve no doubt you’ll have seen tons of plugins and offers claiming to increase your affiliate earnings, yes? If so, then this EasyAzon 4
review is for you!

What is EazyAzon?

Simply, EasyAzon 4 is a WordPress plugin that makes it a lost easier to run an Amazon Affiliate website. You can create links from within the WordPress editor without having to go to Amazon’s site at all. Affiliate links can be created for any Amazon product without having to switch back and forward from Amazon to your site.

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What Is An Internet Business

What is an Internet Business?

What Is An Internet Business So you want to know what is an Internet business ? I guess the simple answer is that it’s any sort of business activity that is carried out on-line.

A Tangled Web

It turns out that there are a myriad of different models, it really is a tangled web.

Internet business not only describes the classic website that sells a tangible product, but at last count there were upwards of 8 different models of internet businesses.

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Ways to Avoid Distraction

ways to avoid distractionTime. We all desire even more of it, however often-times we underestimate the amount of time we actually spend on numerous activities.

Frequently, by the end of the day, we discover that the time we’re allocated has in some way escaped us. We need ways to avoid distraction.

When it comes to productivity, our human capability for focus (whether it’s activities, tasks, or simply living in the moment) is what drives our level of productivity. In order to make the most of the variety of productive hours we need to execute approaches where we minimize the diversions that prevent us from remaining focused.

Below are several of the very best ways to do away with distractions as well as improve your performance level.

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