Top Techniques to Optimize Your Social Media Marketing

With an increase in the number of growing businesses after the sufferings of the pandemic, content optimization has become more important than ever before and social media is the  feather in the cap. For improving your online engagement and turning your audience into paying customers you must know about social media marketing strategies.

In this article, I’ll be listing some of the techniques for successful social media marketing optimization.

Techniques for Optimizing Social Media

  1. Identify Your Social Media Goals

The first step is to identify what is your utmost goal for optimizing your social media handles. If you are looking to boost your sales like most entrepreneurs are , you have to improve audience reach and engagement, generate leads, and convert leads into sales.

Having an end goal in mind will help you in finding out the smaller milestones you need to hit in order to get there. The more specific your goals, the easier it is for you to keep your focus straight and make progress.

2. Create an Up-to-date Profile

In order to reach your target audience, you have to make a profile having the features mentioned below:

Add High-Quality Profile Photo

Since your brand image matters, , you need to design and upload a high-quality profile photo through which people will recognize you as they would  a company logo. 

Add About Us

This section will let people know about what exactly you do and also an insight into who you are, what services you provide, etc.

Mention Location

Mentioning your location in your profile will help people, who are seeking your services and products, in finding you. This factor can also increase the appearance chances in local searches and google loves it.

Add Availability Hours

By adding availability hours your audience will get to know when to expect a reply from your side for their inquiry messages, and it also shows your professionalism regarding work and time.

3. Hashtag Research

One of the essential factors for optimizing social media marketing is the use of accurate hashtags. Adding hashtags in your captions increases the chances of exposure and thus, better reach. There should be proper research done for hashtags because reaching the right audience is very important, otherwise, there is no use in reaching them. Hashtags are not as effective on Facebook, as they are on Instagram and Twitter.


It allows you to add a maximum of 30 hashtags per post, but experts say that properly researched, a maximum of 11 hashtags per post is ideal for engagement purposes.


If you want to search for hashtags on Twitter you can do that by clicking on the hashtag option in Twitter’s search bar. For Twitter, one or two hashtags per post are best for good engagement.

4. Create a Content that Addresses the Audience’s Problems

Content is the key to your social media marketing success. It plays an important role in drawing the audience to you. People value the things that look after their problems. Therefore, your content should not be limited only to promotional content. There should be a mix of both, 80% informational content, and 20% promotional content. 

Use Infographics

Infographics are best for an engaging audience because they are informative, visually captivating, and can be shared.

5. Use Images and Videos

With the tremendous amount of content growing on social media in every users’ feed, and all the companies who are selling their services and fighting for attention, you have to design images and videos in such a way that they attract the customers in one go.

Today over 70% of the customers have shared a brand’s video and over 50% say that their confidence in online shopping increased after watching videos. 

Experts have revealed that each social media platform has a different preference when we talk about content. What may attain a better reach on Facebook may not necessarily receive the same result on Instagram. Therefore, you have to create content by keeping in mind the ongoing trends on each platform.

6. Be Active on Your Social Media Handles

Analyze the social media platforms that work best for your company and start focusing on them. Increase your brand awareness and brand promotion on these platforms.


Facebook is undoubtedly one of the fastest-growing social media platforms, with almost 2.27 billion active users. It is profitable for every business regardless of what industry your business belongs to because search engines view Facebook as a local SEO signal. If you want to be more searchable then you have to create a Facebook business account.


Instagram is an excellent social media platform for businesses that have much to do with visuals including food, blogging, travel, fashion, etc. More interaction and activity on this platform proves fruitful for your business’ success.


It is the perfect social media platform for news and media companies that mainly focuses on sharing information and gossip. The more you will be active and talkative here, the more your business will grow. 


LinkedIn is a platform that primarily deals with Business to Business (B2B) transactions. If you want to sell your product to another company then, it is a highly recommended platform and your presence on this platform will decide the future of your company.

7. Optimize the Schedule of Your Postings

If you are posting content and still you are not receiving any profitable result, then one of the possible reasons could be the posting schedule of your social media sites. You have to schedule the posts on each platform with respect to their optimum time. It is the time when your audience is more active or online on that platform. The schedule will help you in increasing reach and interaction with your audience.

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