2 Chicks Newsletter – What Is Your Biggest Challenge?

In business, as well as in life, we all face many challenges. Some harder than others.

My biggest challenge lately has been making time to work on my own business.

I have learned in the last few months that when you charge an hourly wage, people (clients) don’t seem to value your expertise and experience as much.

As a result of that lesson, I am working on putting together ‘packages’ for our clients. I believe the result will be beneficial not only to us but for our clients as well.

What is your biggest challenge right now? Can we help?

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2 Chicks Newsletter – Could You Use FREE Support?

Are you struggling in your business? Have trouble with all the ‘techy’ stuff you need to do?

We have a really great FREE course which walks you through everything you need to know about building a website with WordPress.

Check it out here!!

BUT we have recently decided we want to start a kind of support group for anyone taking the course.

It will be a FREE FB group where you can ask any techy questions you might have. You can also ask us any questions you have about online marketing.

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2 Chicks Newsletter – Speaking and Attending Live Events

Are you struggling to make money in your business? Or feel you have reached a plateau?

Have you considered attending a local live event?

You don’t have to fly across the country like I did. There are many local events in your are that you are probably not aware of.

Visit Meetup.com and see what’s available in your area.

We’re thinking about having a virtual meetup of our own. We would like to know if this would interest you.

Would you be interested in a virtual casual meeting where you could ask us any question about WordPress, SEO, online biz, or any tech question you have been struggling with?

Let us know! Just leave a comment below and tell us what you want to know more about.

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2 Chicks Newsletter – How Facebook Marketing Chatbot fbmeChat Can Boost Your Income

I don’t know if you’ve heard of Facebook Chat Bots – maybe you’ve been living under a rock for the past year.

Some debate that it is too impersonal but let me tell you why Chat Bots can be a massive asset to your business.

If you have a Facebook Business page then you know you are able to receive messages from Facebook users who visit your page.

BUT do you also know that Facebook rates you on your response time and makes that visible to people who visit your page?

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2 Chicks Newsletter – Traffic and Backlinks and Influence … Oh My!

I think I’m finally recovered from my multiple trips last month.

I didn’t realize just how tiring it can be!

Now that I feel a bit more like myself, I wanted to start sharing with you a few things I learned at ICON17.

Anyone who tells you backlinks aren’t necessary is someone you probably shouldn’t listen to.

Backlinks one website mentioning another website and linking to it. It is not merely referencing the website or it’s web address. It has to be a clickable link using an href attribute within the code. It is the difference between https://thathelpfulchick.com and That Helpful Chick.

Even though the first example displays a URL, the search engines do not register this as a backlink. They are usually visually seen with an underline and a different color to the text.

Google actually likes backlinks and relies upon them. The whole idea behind them is that they help to tell Google what is good and useful out there.

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