6 Ways To Come Up With Post Concepts When You’re Facing Blog writers Block

6 Ways To Come Up With Post IdeasAll of us encounter blog writers block periodically, but don’t allow it stop you from writing the content your readers are waiting for!

Once you have a good following of readers you don’t want to be leaving long gaps between posts, you’ll soon lose your readership.

Below are 6 ways to come up with post concepts when you’re facing writers block and help you come up with an article worth reading.


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Expel The Duplicate Content Myth Associated With PLR Materials

Expel The Duplicate Content Myth Associated With PLR MaterialsIt’s time to expel the duplicate content myth associated with PLR materials once and for all

If there’s something that frightens a web marketer more than anything else, it’s probably going to be the worry of having all their sites delisted due to the fact that it has duplicate content.

So, what if I stated you had a better possibility of being ‘eaten by a shark’ then you would of being picked up for violating this policy set out by Google and the other search engines!

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How to Write Faster Blog Posts

How to Write Faster Blog PostsToday I’m going to give you a few tips on how to write faster blog posts. Writing can take up a large chunk of your time so unless you outsource it a lot the time spent on your on-line business is going to be writing content.

By practising the following  tips  you’ll free up some of your time to spend on other aspects of your business, or just for taking more breaks!



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The Best Way to Format Your Blog Posts

The Best Way to Format Your Blog PostsAs you progress it’s useful to know the the best way to format your blog posts. When you write a blog post there are some tried and true methods for formatting them that will help your readers understand them better as well as improve search engine optimization (SEO). Don’t worry, it’s not too hard to do and soon it’ll become a habit for you. The right formatting can make all the difference, so it’s a good use of your time.

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Generating Writing Ideas

As bloggers, we constantly need to come up with fresh content for our websites and we all can stuck sometimes! There are lots of different ways you can be generating writing ideas, the important thing is finding a method which works for you.

generating writing ideasMind Mapping

One method that works well for many people is mind mapping. A mind map is a:

diagram for representing tasks, words, concepts, or items linked to and arranged around a central concept or subject. (source)

Generally, people work better with images than straight lines of text, especially when it comes to generating ideas.

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