2 Chicks Newsletter – Information Overload and Bad Service

Do you ever feel like your head’s just going to explode with information? Do you get overwhelmed by it all and end up doing nothing?

It has definitely happened to me!

Which brings me to why I have been a little slack in getting our newsletters out.

I mentioned before about the trip I took to Sacremento, CA. Well, less than 30 days later, I took another trip. I went to Phoenix, AZ and attended ICON17.

What is ICON you might ask?

ICON is an annual event put on by Infusionsoft.  ICON gathers amazing, brilliant minds in the biggest mastermind you’ve ever seen.

I attended ICON with Sarah Staar, who you have seen us mention before. I am so glad I went. If you want to learn more about Sarah Staar, click here. 🙂




There were so many vendors there I know I didn’t speak to them all. The one’s I did talk to were amazing.

I met the developers (see pic below) for imember360 which is a membership plugin that integrates with Infusionsoft. I found out they have a membership plugin now that integrates Active Campaign with WordPress. I will be checking it out soon and let you know what I think!

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2 Chicks Newsletter – Changes are happening!

It’s time for us to expand!

Angela and I are always moving forward and looking at ways to hone and fine tune our business.

We’ve been looking at ClickFunnels for a while, really impressed with what it can do. Russell Brunsen is amazing, gives away tons of free tips, no BS, skimming the surface!

So, we signed up and WOW!

Russell’s videos don’t do this program justice. It has EVERYTHING…..Funnels, auto-responder, affiliate management, memberships. My head is buzzing with it all!

Ok, enough excitment….

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2 Chicks Newsletter – Oh, My Aching Back!

Angela here and, the last time I wrote I mentioned adding some bonuses to our Adsense HQ course.

backacheMy back seemed to have other plans for me.

I have Degenerative Disc Disease in my lower back and if I’m not careful, the slightest thing can throw me out of commission for days!

This time I was just loading the dishwasher and I felt the pain!
This image is a good representation of where the pain was.

Maybe I should get a chair like Kathy’s! 🙂

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2 Chicks Newsletter – Are You Sitting Comfortably

Bad postureI certainly haven’t been sitting comfortably!

As Internet marketers, we spend a long time sitting at our desks and I’ve used a variety of chairs, mostly second hand (it’s that Scottish thrift again!)

This is just asking for backache and a sore backside isn’t it?!

I discovered the hard way, it’s important to invest in a good chair….

So, will it be Amazon, Ebay or a local store?

Local stores = WAY to expensive and I didn’t find anything comfortable or of good quality.

I decided on Ebay, they had the best deals with good customer feedback.

I bit the bullet and went for the super duper, heating massaging chair.

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2 Chicks Newsletter – I’m Stuck In The Car Park….

Yes, it’s true, I started writing this in the car park outside my local shopping centre…

Debenhams has a sale on and I went to check out the suitcases, with all the travelling I’m doing I thought I should get a sturdier set of luggage.

I had my granddaughter with me, she climbed in the front of the car, grabbed the 4 wheel drive switch and managed to get it stuck in 4 wheel drive!

4 wheel driveNow, this is my 1st 4 wheel drive, I had no idea how to disengage the darn thing so resorted to everybody’s friend, Google, (thank god for 4G)…

“Drive it back and forward” is the advice given in all the forums. Nope, no joy, still stuck and 2 babies starting to get fractious.



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