How to Use Hashtags Correctly: This Ain’t Your Grandma’s Pound Sign!

Ever wonder how to use #hashtags properly?

I know I did. I’d look at all the people posting on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram and just be confused at their use. Who decides what’s a #hashtag? Why do people use hashtags? I wanted to learn more about how to use hashtags correctly. I don’t know about you but I still call them pound signs and use it as an abbreviation for number!

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Google Apps

google apps businessMost people have heard of Google’s Gmail but are not aware of all the great Google Apps also provided – many for FREE. To name a few options: professional email, online storage, shared calendars, video meetings and more. They are built for business and designed for teams.

Google apps can provide you with a custom professional email ( as well as 24/7 support and 30GB of storage. It gives you the freedom to work from anywhere. You can create, edit and share from all of your devices as well as any computer by just logging into your Google account. Read more

Who Is Sarah Staar

Do you watch videos and listen to podcasts by top Internet marketers and wonder what they’re really like? Are they as sincere as they make out and will they let you into their secrets?

And the BIG QUESTION…..Can I make money if I do what they say!

tower bridge londonI had the chance to find out recently when I was asked to participate in Sarah Staar’s recent London workshop.

It was held at Tower Hill in London beside the famous Tower Bridge, a fabulous location! The event rooms in the hotel actually overlooked the bridge and we saw the bridge in action doing what it’s been doing for the last 130 years.

However, this isn’t a history lesson!

The event was held over 3 days and I was part of Sarah’s team, helping in the background. I’d never met Sarah before so was quite nervous meeting this famous Internet marketer!


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10 Ways to Create Your Integrity On Social Networks

10 Ways to Create Your Integrity On Social NetworksSocial media site is an exceptionally effective marketing tool that can help in targeting a huge variety of people. It requires minimal financial investment in regards to time, money and effort.

While social media sites may be powerful, it’s only going to be just as good as the marketing strategy you have in place. Initially, it takes a bit of effort to get set up and develop yourself as a reputable authority in your chosen niche.

Initially, it takes a bit of effort to get set up and develop yourself as a reputable authority in your chosen niche.

Here are 10 ways to create your integrity on social networks. Read more

Forum Marketing

What is an Internet Forum

When it comes to forum marketing, this is the first question, what is an Internet forum?

In the simplest terms, an Internet forum is

“a group of people interacting with each other on social media and exchanging their views on a common topic”

There are forums for everything, and I mean everything! It doesn’t matter what your niche is, there’ll be a discussion forum for it. Problems, successes, tips and hacks, relating to one subject are all discussed.

An online forum can be one of the best places to find online, unbiased reviews about any product. If I’m looking to make a new purchase, say for example a Nutri bullet, I’ll do a search for forums on juicing. Read more